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Meetings: Community titles

In this section, we look at how to call a general meeting, the procedures to follow, and the agenda items.

General meetings are an essential part of successfully operating community corporations. These meetings provide a forum for body corporate members to select their leaders, adopt and approve their budget, discuss and arrange for maintenance. They can make changes to their insurance, articles, and handle items of special business involving unit improvements and changes. They are also able to address other matters related to the general welfare of the group.

If proper procedures are implemented and followed, meetings can deal with the most controversial subjects and still produce positive results.

Annual and Regular Meetings – all community corporations are required to hold at least one regular membership meeting each year.

Legislation – Community Titles Act

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Annual Meetings: The primary purpose of this annual meeting is to fill the expiring terms of the officers and management committee members, review the common property insurance and maintenance, along with finances, the budget and levy payments. Often, the annual meeting presents the only periodic opportunity that individual members have to review the affairs of their association.

A well-planned annual meeting will maximize the opportunities to provide information to the members of the Corporation and to receive their input, suggestions and complaints.

Extraordinary General Meetings: From time to time, members of the Corporation, or its Officers, may find it necessary to hold an extraordinary general meeting. Generally, these meetings are limited in their scope and purpose, such as repainting of the group.

Management Committee Meeting: If the Community Corporation has appointed a Management Committee then it may meet as it sees fit.

Legislation – Community Titles Act

93—Convening of committee meetings

(1) A meeting of a management committee may be convened by the presiding officer, treasurer or secretary of the corporation or by any two members of the committee.
(2) A meeting is convened by giving written notice of the day, time and place of the meeting to all members of the committee at least three days before the date of the meeting.
(3) The day, time and place of the meeting must be reasonably convenient to a majority of the members of the committee.
(4) The notice convening a meeting must set out the agenda for the meeting.

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