Welcome to Unitcare


UnitCare is working towards social and environmental sustainability in its business.

It all came about at Adelaide’s wonderful Festival of Ideas in July 2005. There we were motivated by the idea of a business having three major sustainable elements being financial, social and environmental.

Whilst our directors and staff had always been aware of our social and environmental responsibilities we needed to make a concerted effort.

We hope that many of our clients, both Strata & Community Corporations and individuals, will join us on this exciting and necessary journey.



  • Conduct our business with integrity.
  • Champion the cause of fair and honest dealings in our industry
  • Volunteer our services regularly
  • Contribute our time to the needy
  • Create a secure and meaningful working environment for our staff


We are making progress through:

  • Managing our power consumption to reduce greenhouse gasses. This includes running our air conditioning system at higher tempratures during Summer and lower in Winter. We are on Green Power with AGL, our electricity supplier.
  • We are shredding then recycling all waste paper using Shredlogix, so reducing the refuse we put ito land fill.
  • We use Reflex Recycled paper stock to print our letterhead on part recycled paper.
  • We also recycle our printer toner cartridges through Planet Ark.

Some tips to help our planet

What you can do:

  • Change all light bulbs to energy savers
  • Get out of the shower after 3 minutes or less
  • Recycle paper, plastics, glass etc
  • Call your electricity supplier and change to green energy
  • Lend a hand to a community organisation or help out someone in needy

What your strata or community corporation can do:

  • Change all common property light bulbs to energy savers – compact fluros or better still LEDs
  • Mulch gardens
  • Be water wise during the hotter months and be sure to use water drip systems and no daytime watering
  • Change to green energy for common lighting and equipment