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Maintenance: Driveway

In this chapter we explain some terms in relation to driveways, as well as look at the most commonly found problems. We also look at preventative maintenance.

Legislation – Strata Titles Act

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Legislation – Community Titles Act

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Driveways are commonly constructed from concrete, bitumen and brick pavers.

Common Problems – pavers

  • Gaps appear between pavers and over time they become lose under foot.
  • Weeds and moss growing between the pavers. Weeds and other growth can be treated with a glyphosate based product such as Zero or Roundup. These are available at your local nursery or hardware store.

The following pictures illustrate many of the common problems with driveways, leaving them in a poor or dangerous state.

Pavers gapping and moving:

This can be caused by poor foundations and or failure to maintain the grouting. An inappropriate paver can also contribute to this problem. Interlocking pavers are generally better at handling road traffic. An annual application of sand and cement grout can help prevent movement and weeds. If problems persist we suggest a professional paving contractor be called in.

Concrete cracking

Concrete can crack for a variety of reason. In this case the soil has shrunk and the concrete is not reinforced. The entire square needs to be replaced. Cracks can be trip hazards.

Bitumen pot holes

Bitumen is subject to pot holes. Once present, a pot hole holds water, the water then goes on to erode the sub-base of the driveway. This, along with traffic, increases the size of the hole over time.

Filling potholes is usually a simple process of removing any debris and loose rock and refilling the hole with bitumen. Make sure that the filler is packed down flat, not just dumped into the hole and left as a hump.

Bitumen cracking

Bitumen is subject to cracking. This is often the result of soil movement or tree roots under the road. Untreated, cracks allow water under the bitumen where it will erode the sub-base. Cracks are commonly treated with hot runny bitumen poured into the cracks.


Undertake an inspection before Winter rains

Best Practice

Catch and treat driveway problems early. This will save money and the risk of injury.

Paver installation & maintenance

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Paver installation & maintenance

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