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SA Power Networks

Report power supply problems.

Electricity Emergencies & Power Interruptions

Phone: 13 13 66 (24 hours)

Website: https://www.sapowernetworks.com.au

Electricity Best Deal Estimator & Complaints

This site has some useful energy use tools. The estimator helps consumers find the best deal.

Phone: 1800 633 592


Real Estate Institute of SA Advisory Service

Phone:1800 804 365

Website: www.reisa.com.au


Volunteers contributed approximately 433.9 million hours of voluntary work over a 12 month period Australia wide. Want to know more about volunteer opportunities, training policies, placements & publications

Phone: 1300 014 712.

Website: https://dhs.sa.gov.au/work-with-us/volunteering


Office of the Public Advocate

The Office of the Public Advocate has three main client groups:

  • People with mental incapacity;
  • Family, carers and friends of people with mental incapacity;
  • People and organisations with an interest in issues arising from mental incapacity.

Phone: 1800 066 969

Website: https://www.opa.sa.gov.au/

Legal Services Commission S.A.

Phone for legal advice.

Phone: 1300 366 424
Fax: (08) 8463 3599

Adelaide Office

82-98 Wakefield Street,
Adelaide 5000

Website: www.lsc.sa.gov.au

Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres are independent, not for profit organisations that provide free legal advice, casework and in some cases legal representation and referral to members of the community.

Centres have qualified solicitors, legal advisors and support staff who can explain the full extent of your legal obligations, your rights and remedies and outline a number of choices and courses for action.
Community Legal Services Offices

Phone: 8342 1800

Website: www.saccls.org.au

Lynch & Meyer Lawyers

Help with building law, builders & property law. A free consult can often be negotiated.

Phone: 8223 7600

Email: mhutton@lynchmeyer.com.au
Website: https://lynchmeyer.com.au/

Australian Institute of Conveyancers

Find a licenced conveyancer to help with the sale or purcahse of your unit.

Email: aic_sa@aicsa.com.au
Website: www.aicsa.com.au

Council on the Ageing (COTA)

COTA  is South Australia’s peak seniors’ organisation. Our membership encompasses around 20,000 individual members and over 250 senior’s organisations with a combined membership of more than 60,000. In addition we have 80 associate members including aged care providers, local government bodies, health units and other service and educational institutions.

Phone: (08) 8232-0422 Country callers: 1800 182-324
Email: cotasa@cotasa.org.au
Website: www.cota.org.au

Consumer & Business Services

PO Box 1719,
Adelaide SA 5001

Telephone: 131 882


SA Government

Access to strata government services and information.

Website: www.sa.gov.au

Seniors Information Service

The Seniors Information Service aims to maximise the independence and improve the quality of life of seniors by providing access to free information about the services and facilities available to them.

Phone: (08) 8168 8776
Country callers: 1800 636-368
Email: information@seniors.asn.au
Website: www.seniors.asn.au

Mens Sheds Movement

Mensheds Australia is a not-for-profit Australian organisation dedicated as the peak body, to resourcing and supporting Men’s Sheds. The growing problems with men’s health, isolation, loneliness and depression are now looming as major health issues in Australia. Men’s Sheds can play a significant and practical role in addressing these and other men’s issues and at the same time act as a catalyst in stimulating their community’s economic activities.   Website: https://mensshed.org/

Eastern Property Rentals

“I have worked with Tania since the mid 1980’s. She and her team provide a great personal service to investors.”

Gordon Russell, UnitCare Services

Website: www.easternpropertyrentals.com.au

Trees – Significant Tree Controls

The Development Act and Regulations provide that a ‘significant tree’ is:

  • Any tree in Metropolitan Adelaide and/or townships in the Adelaide Hills Council or parts of the Mount Barker Council with a trunk circumference of 2.0m or more measured at a point 1.0m above natural ground level (in the case of trees with multiple trunks, it is those with trunks with a total circumference of 2.0m or more and an average circumference of 625mm or more measured at a point 1.0m above natural ground level) OR
  • Any tree identified as a significant tree in the Development Plan of the City of Adelaide, City of Burnside, City of Prospect or City of Unley

If you would like to print Protecting Significant Trees Information Sheet (pdf version) click here.

Unclaimed Goods Act

What are unclaimed goods? Unclaimed goods are things which have come into your possession but legally belong to someone else. If you sell or dispose of these goods without the owner’s consent you are committing a criminal offence. The Unclaimed Goods Act 1987 sets out a procedure to dispose of the goods. The Act calls the owner of the goods the ‘bailor’ and the holder of the goods the ‘bailee’.

If you would like a printed explanation of and forms for this Act (pdf version) click here

Legislation website: www.legislation.sa.gov.au

Saying Sorry – The Prime Minister’s Speech

Photo thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald

Please click here for the details.