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This Best Practice Guide has been improved by conversations with many people.

My particular thanks to:

  • Barbara Brown our editor, for her patience, good humour and considerable skills with the English language.
  • Our staff for reviewing the material and contributing ideas and content.
  • Our clients for contributing ideas and the need for content.
  • Ray Brincat of the Real Estate Institute of SA Advisory Service for many constructive suggestions, we are still working through them.
  • Kent Farminer of CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd (Insurance) for his help with the insurance chapters. We wish him well for his new London office.
  • Channel 7 Adelaide for the Today Tonight video (case studies).
  • Videojug for the video ‘How to run a meeting’.
  • The Legal Services Commission for some content from the Strata Titles & the Law and the Community Titles & the Law publications.
  • Contributors to the world wide web for some of the images and content.
  • Marion Speedy for tolerating many evening and weekend hours spent on my laptop.