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Meetings: Preparation, Opening & Chairing

In this, and the following sections, we take you through the agenda of a community corporation AGM.

This chapter looks at preparing, opening & chairing your group’s meeting.

Whether you are the Body Corporate Manager or the Presiding Officer (Chair) adequate meeting preparation and a positive leadership technique are critical to the success of your meeting.

Legislation – Community Titles Act


Before the Meeting:

  • Print an up-to-date list of owners to be used as an attendance list
  • Make a copy of the current insurance certificate
  • Have available the minutes of the last two years (take all if possible, just in case)
  • Organize the Treasurer/Manager to produce an arrears report,- which advice who is ‘unfinancial’
  • Ensure you have a copy of the groups articles and policies at hand
  • Print a pro-forma set of minutes
  • Prepare a draft budget and it’s recommendations
  • Retrieve last year’s archives and this year’s correspondence and accounts
  • Ensure you have a copy of the agenda with spares copies just in case
  • Print a copy of the community title plans along with a Google Earth image if possible

Opening the Meeting:

The opening is often nothing more than a welcome to all in attendance along with introductions as needed. An extract from our pro-forma minutes follows:

The Presiding Officer welcomed those present & opened the meeting.

” I declare the meeting of . . . . . . . . . open at ……..am/pm

I welcome members and guests (name guests, ask them to stand.. Have those present introduce themselves if needed.

Apologies – Read / ask for names.

# The Manager was requested to assist the Presiding Officer in conducting the meeting and the Secretary in recording the minutes).

Legislation: Section 84(14) A vote cannot be exercised in relation to a lot unless all amounts payable to the corporation in respect of the lot have been paid.
Note: Unfinancial members can form a quorum but have no vote under Section 34(7).

A quorum was declared with ______ of the _____ lots represented in person or by proxy.
The meeting was declared inquorate after 30 minutes and continued with the following minutes of the meeting, subject to ratification at a Reconvened Annual General Meeting as provided for in the Act.
The meeting was declared inquorate after 30 minutes and adjourned to a Reconvened Annual General Meeting to be held on ___/___/___.  (must be 7 to 14 days from date of this meeting).

Policy – Meeting Non-Attendance:
It was resolved  “that any lot holder unable to attend any AGM or EGM, in person or by proxy or who does not tender an apology shall be deemed to be “absent & silent” and shall have a non attendance levy of $25 charged to their respective unit. This charge is due & payable with the next quarterly contribution following the meeting.”
Moved____________ / Seconded ____________ Motion carried.
The members’ register/lot holder list was circulated and updated. It was agreed to forward a copy to all lot owners.


As chairperson:

  • Try not to take sides.
  • Encourage / bring in the ‘quiet ones’.
  • Paraphrase discussion & check back to ensure comprehension.
  • Encourage / build up good ideas.
  • Don’t forget to vote yourself.

General Introduction:

  • Ask everyone introduce themselves.
  • Ask everyone to check in at the start of the meeting by signing next to their unit number on the draft minutes.
  • Set a finishing time to aim for. (Suggest 60-90 minutes)

Note Taking:

  • Record only the decisions made, not a detailed account of all discussion.
  • Include an action plan.  i.e. record what action was decided on, who is responsible, and a date by which they are to accomplish the action.

e.g. After discussion it was decided that Jo Smith will arrange for two quotes for new letterboxes. This is to be presented to the management committee before ‘date __/__/__’.

Keeping the meeting on track:

  • Follow agenda items.
  • Stick to the facts.
  • Focus on the immediate agenda item up for discussion.
  • Avoid discussing other items on the side.  If need be, stop the side discussion and suggest that it may be more appropriate to discuss this at a later stage in the meeting.


  • Try to ensure that there is a clear majority vote on all important decisions.  If the vote is tied, encourage more discussion on the topic before voting again.


The following may be of assistance.

Meeting Minutes Pro forma

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Three Laws of Meetings

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Meeting Manage Video

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Meeting Hints Sheet
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Meeting Procedure Rules

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Access to Satellite Images

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