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Meetings: Appointment of Officers & Committee

In this, and the following sections, we will explain the agenda of a community corporation AGM.

Legislation – Community Titles Act

Click on Legislation above, to view legislation on appointing officers.

Officers: Officers are appointed by a simple majority at a general meeting. Officers must be owners. (tenants may be officers when leaseback arrangements are in place). All officers must be ‘natural’ persons ie: not a company. One owner can occupy two or more positions in groups of 10 or less lots. For groups of more than 10 lots one owner may only occupy a maximum of two positions, such as that of Secretary & Treasurer.

Section 76(7) & (8) deal with vacancies and misconduct.


  • The Presiding Officer chairs meetings (Section 83), any of the officers may convene a meeting,
  • The Secretary, records minutes and takes care of correspondence.
  • The Treasurer issues levy notices to owners, banks monies, pays bills and informs officers and owners of the state of the finances.


This item follows the appointment of a manager if it is on the agenda. An extract from our pro-forma minutes follows…

Following discussion about the various duties of officer bearers the following appointments were made:
Presiding Officer:            ___________________________
Secretary:                    ___________________________
Treasurer:                     ___________________________

Moved____________ / Seconded ____________ Motion carried.


Management Committee:

Legislation – Community Titles Act

Click on Legislation above, to view community title legislation and our hints on appointing a committee.

It was resolved that the Management Committee shall consist of the appointed officers along with _____________________________________________________________________________.

Moved____________ / Seconded ____________ Motion carried.

Limitations imposed:
Please Note:  The Management Committee and Officers of the Corporation do not have the power: –
(i)         To authorise any dealing with or any variation of the common/community property or to grant exclusive rights in respect of the enjoyment and use of any part thereof of the common/community property;
(ii)        To authorise installations or additions (appearance changes) relating to lot properties.
The functions of the Management Committee and Officers of the Corporation are by and large confined to authorising and overseeing the routine maintenance responsibilities of the Corporation, and ensuring that the provisions of the By Laws, Scheme Description (if applicable) & Development Contract (if applicable) are adhered to by the Corporation, lot holders and occupiers.
Note: Management Committee’s need to keep minutes of their meetings.

Best Practice

We recommend that groups attempt to fill all officer positions, and fill them with three different owners.

We recommend that if the group appoints more than one owner from a unit, that this be subject to the owners have a combined maximum vote of (1) one.

If the committee is looking to make an expensive or controversial decision, we suggest that all owners be invited to the meeting.

Legislation – Community Titles Act

Click on Legislation above, to view community title legislation and hints on the functions and powers of a management committee.


As chairperson:

  • Vacate the chair if you are intending to nominate for a position
  • If possible, have a meeting member, who is not standing for election, to be the returning officer – it is their responsibility to call for nominations and counts the votes
  • If there is more than one nominee for a position, a show of hands or a secret ballot is used to resolve the matter


The following may be of assistance.

Meeting Minutes Pro forma

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Three Laws of Meetings

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Meeting Manage Video

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Meeting Hints Sheet
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Meeting Procedure Rules

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Access to Satellite Images

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