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Meetings: Correspondence

In this, and the following sections, we take you through the agenda of a community corporation AGM.


This item follows the passing of last years minutes. An extract from our pro-forma minutes follows:

CORRESPONDENCE: The correspondence for the year was reviewed and tabled. It was agreed that any matters arising be deferred for discussion under the relevant agenda item.


As chairperson:

  • ensure you have all the correspondence on hand – ask your group’s Secretary for help
  • suggest owners pass the documents around if they wish to view them
  • avoid lingering over this agenda item unless a matter is of importance to the majority of those present
  • make a note of any matters arising that need to be addressed later in the meeting. This ensures that owners are acknowledged while enabling the meeting to move on.


The following may be of assistance.

Meeting Minutes Pro forma

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Three Laws of Meetings

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Meeting Manage Video

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Meeting Hints Sheet
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Meeting Procedure Rules

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Access to Satellite Images

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