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Meetings: Financials

In this, and the following sections, we take you through the agenda of a community corporation AGM.

Financials: This item follows the tabling of correspondence. An extract from our pro-forma minutes follows…


Ask the Treasurer to read/give his/her financial statement.
Ask the Treasurer to move for the receipt and adoption of the financial statement.
Seconder. All those in favour? Against? I declare the motion carried.

The Corporation’s financial statement of accounts for the current period, as circulated to all members, was tabled and reviewed. Owners were encouraged to comment. It was resolved that the financial statement of accounts be received.

Moved____________ / Seconded ____________ Motion carried.

Tax: Legislation now requires that monies held in Trust Accounts are to earn interest, and as a result an annual tax return is required. .


As chairperson:

  • ensure you have last years financial statement and supporting accounts on hand – ask your group’s Treasurer for help
  • ensure you have copies of the financial statement at hand, just in case owners or their proxies forget to bring them.
  • ask the Treasurer to present the report, and move for the acceptance of the financial statement


The following may be of assistance.

Meeting Minutes Pro forma

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Three Laws of Meetings

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Meeting Manage Video

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Meeting Hints Sheet
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Meeting Procedure Rules

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