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Meetings: Notice of Strata Title Meeting

In this section we look at the notice, agenda & proxy forms required to call a meeting.

The Strata Titles Act spells out the requirements for calling a general meeting.


Section 33.

(1) A strata corporation may hold a meeting of its members (a “general meeting”) at any time.

(2) Such a meeting may be convened by-

(a) the secretary; or

(b) if the corporation has a management committee-any two members of the committee; or

(c) the unit holders of one-fifth or more of the total number of units; or

(d) in the case of the first such meeting-the original registered proprietor.

(3) A meeting is convened by giving written notice of the day, time and place of the meeting to all unit holders at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.

(3a) A person or group of persons proposing to convene a meeting of the members of a strata corporation should take reasonable steps to ensure that the proposed day, time and place are reasonably convenient to a majority of members of the Corporation.

(4) The corporation must hold at least one such meeting (the “annual general meeting”) in every calendar year and no more than 15 months after the last such meeting.

Calling a general meeting of your Strata Corporation requires compliance with the legislation along with some administrative tasks. The following checklist may assist in this regard.


MEETING NOTICE CHECKLIST (calling a general meeting)

Has the Secretary, or two (2) committee members, or one fifth (1/5th) of owners called the meeting. This is required by Section 33(2) of the Strata Titles Act? Please note that Strata Managers are not exempt from these requirements.

Does the meeting time, date and place suit the majority of owners?

Will the notice give at least fourteen (14) days notice to owners?

Has an agenda and proxy form been finalised? See tools at the bottom of the page for examples.

If this is an AGM, last years financial statement needs to be attached to the agenda.

Are there any reports to attach, such as those from the presiding officer, treasurer, engineer?

Are there any quotes to attach, such as painting, structural works or roof repairs?

Before posting the meeting notice, and any attached documents, a copy should be made and filed in the Corporation’s records.


Include a covering letter with the meeting notice and agenda. This will explain the reason for the meeting and encourage owners to attend or lodge a proxy. This can help in obtaining a quorum. Owners can use the proxy form to lodge an absentee vote.


The following may be of assistance.

Sample Meeting Notice, Agenda & Proxy

Click on picture for editable version

Meeting Hints Sheet

Click on picture for editable version

Meeting procedure & Hints Sheet
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