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Meetings: Minutes of Previous Year

In this, and the following sections, we take you through the agenda of a community corporation AGM.

Minutes of the previous AGM

Minutes of the previous AGM, this item follows the opening preliminaries. An extract from our pro-forma minutes follows…


Ask Secretary to read.
“Can I have a motion from a member who was present at that the previous meeting that the Minutes be confirmed?
Will someone Second the motion please?.
All those in favour? Against? I declare the motion carried“.

You may want to ask the members if there are any corrections.

It was resolved that the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on ___/___/___ be taken as read & accepted as a correct record.
Business arising: Any matters that need to be readdressed will be discussed & recorded under common property maintenance, under another relevant agenda item, or under other business.

Moved____________ / Seconded ____________ Motion carried.


As chairperson:

  • ensure you have a copy of last years minutes at hand
  • have the Secretary (if present) to summarise the minutes to refresh owners memories
  • meeting law does not require those voting to be have been present at the meeting


The following may be of assistance.

Meeting Minutes Pro forma

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Three Laws of Meetings

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Meeting Manage Video

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Meeting Hints Sheet
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Meeting Procedure Rules

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Access to Satellite Images

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