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Maintenance: Common Television Antenna

In this chapter we look at television antenna systems, shared and private, along with common problems faced by unit groups.

Legislation – Strata Titles Act

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Legislation – Community Titles Act

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Television reception at unit groups is often problematic. With the advent of digital television ghosting caused by adjacent buildings may have been eliminated however signal strength has become critical.

The placement and type of antenna is critical to good viewing. To this end some unit groups have installed common antenna systems.

This has a number of advantages, amongst them:

  • – reduce the clutter caused by 1 antenna per unit
  • – improve reception

Best Practice

To install and maintain a common antenna system we strongly recommend seeking advice from a professional TV antenna specialist. See your yellow pages


Some groups have cable installed by the developer, but no antenna. I can be worth a check in the roof space and for wall sockets.


The following tool may assist:

ABC TV website on improving reception


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