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We publish a quarterly newsletter and have done so since we started the business in 1994.

They cover the issues important to South Australia’s 100,000+ unit owners. Our newsletters also cover social and environmental issues.

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Summer 2020/21

  • New pet legislation – auto okay
  • New staff members – profiles
  • Client focus group outcomes

Spring 2020

  • Airbnb bans parties
  • Breaking management agreement
  • Gordon steps back
  • Prohibition on rental increases extended

Winter 2020

  • Additions cause flooding
  • Unitcare helping save Daintree
  • Covoid and radical Uncertainty
  • Natalie – new staff member profile

Autumn 2020

  • Termination Payment Illegal
  • Latest podcast & fact sheet
  • Staff profile – Irene
  • Avoiding Coronavirus
  • Effective communication