UnitCare Services Covid-19 Update

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March 2020


Dear Owner,
Like everyone in South Australia and the global community more generally, here at UnitCare Services we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and adapting as it changes from day to day. The health and wellbeing of everyone involved with UnitCare Services, our clients and of course our body corporate team, is of the utmost importance to us. We want to reassure you we are doing everything necessary to ensure everyone stays safe and well.

What our changes look like

For this reason, we are announcing changes to the way we conduct AGM meetings, effective immediately:

  • Until further notice, our body corporate managers will be attending meetings via phone and/or video conferencing and not in person
  • Owners will have the opportunity to participate by phone (six lines available) or Skype, or to vote by proxy. If you want to meet at your group, your manager can attend by phoning or Skyping the unit owner.

Your manager will take the minutes of your meeting, as usual.
In addition, to ensure owners are informed we will include a draft budget with your annual general meeting notices.
If you would like to be involved, please let us know by email (mail@unitcare.com.au) or phone (8333 5200) prior to the meeting. Alternatively, please forward your proxy form, or email advising of a proxy nomination, at least 6 hours before your meeting, to make sure we have a quorum.

Can committees and owners still hold meetings?

While we recommend making alternate arrangements such as virtual meetings, owners and committees can still hold face-to-face meetings if considered necessary. Your manager won’t physically attend at this stage, we can arrange for their attendance via video conference or phone.

How do I contact my manager to postpone, rearrange meetings, or seek help?

Nothing has changed with how you communicate with us. All our phones and communication lines are open. You can contact us the same way you usually do.

What should committees and owners do if they do decide to go ahead with meetings?

While we recommend postponing unnecessary meetings, we have outlined some measures that should be taken if committees and owners do decide to go ahead. It is important to remember, when it comes to community living, all owners have a duty of care to make sure their property is a safe environment that does not pose a potential risk to health and safety.
If the meeting must go ahead, we recommend you

  • Arrange for the meeting to be held “virtually” via video conference, phone, or email
  • Check government updates and restrictions on gathering sizes; this may impact your ability to hold the meeting.
  • Note the need for at least 4 square metres between all individuals.
  • Ensure all meeting room tables are wiped clean with disinfectant before and after
  • Make hand sensitizers available or washing facilities with soap if sensitizers are unavailable
  • Make sure the meeting room is well ventilated

Where you can find more information

If there are any comments you wish to make, please advise us by email or phone (8333 5200). Please do not attend our office without an appointment. Your manager’s email address appears on our About Us team page at www.unitcare.com.au
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation as we do our part in reducing the risk of further spreading this virus.

Skype is free to use. You can find the software at:

  • for Desktops and Laptops go to www.skype.com to download the programme.
  • for Apple and Android phones go to your apps store and download the app.

To contact your manager, their email address is their Skype user name. Type it into Skype and press the Call  button. Your manager will then answer your call. If you have a camera on your device please enable it along with a microphone.
Your manager’s email address appears on our About Us team page at www.unitcare.com.au

Our thanks to the Pica Property and Financial Group for some of the content
March 2020